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Privacy Policy  

Alfred Harrold (Containers) Ltd gather and process personal information in compliance with the relevant Data Protection Regulations.

This notice provides you with necessary information regarding your rights and obligations and explains how and why we collect data.
For data protection queries our contact is Elaine Allison who can be contacted at info@harrolds.co.uk.

Information Held within our system will include:

Company Name and contacts
Business Address for invoicing
Farm Delivery Addresses
Business email addresses
Business Telephone
Mobile Telephone
Home Telephone

The information held is stored on a computer data base which is password protected.

This information is backed up and securely stored within our office.
Delivery information is held in paper form which is also stored within our office.

How we collect information:

Account application forms.
Verbal confirmation

How we use Information:

Alfred Harrold (Containers) Ltd only use data relating to your business to enable us to trade with your Company, to provide products and services and for general correspondence.

We will never provide any data or personal information to a third party for marketing purposes.

We will with your consent, at point of order, provide farm name/address for direct deliveries from our suppliers.

We only retain information for a min of 6 years as required to comply with UK Tax Law.

Your Rights

You have the right to access any personal information that Alfred Harrold (Containers) Ltd hold. If we receive a request, we will ask you to verify your identity before acting, this is to ensure that
your data is protected.

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Privacy Policy