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Fruit Packaging  
We can supply boxes, trays, cartons and punnets for Top Fruit, Soft Fruit, Stone Fruit and Pick Your Own.

Quantities under 5000 are supplied in standard print. Larger orders can be made up to your own specification and design.

Some examples of our fruit packaging can be found below:

Top Fruit Boxes  

Three Quarter Box

Three quarter M/W Bushel 13.6Kg (30lb) also available as 40lb layer pack box. Also used for Bramleys.

Three Quarter Box
Soft Fruit Punnets

Soft Fruit Punnets and Lids

Selection of punnets from 112 grams to 1kg in clear and white.

Lids available for several sizes.

Soft Fruit Punnetts
Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Basket

Conventional (6lb) 2.72kg "Pick Your Own" basket with tabbed handle. Supplied with green inner and standard P.Y.O. print.

PYO Baskets
Fruit Trays

Fruit Trays

600mm x 400mm x 105mm

PYO Baskets

Airflow Produce Tray

Size (Internal) 370mm x 277mm x 135mm. A heavy duty E/B double wall die cut tray suitable for tomatoes, beans, sweetcorn, spring onions, courgettes, plums etc.

Airflow Produce Tray
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